The Legendary Blackjacks

The Las Vegas Blackjacks Rugby Club, a legendary and world-renowned powerhouse in the rugby world.

The mysterious silence that shrouds the Las Vegas Blackjacks Rugby Club since 2011 whispers of a concealed narrative, buried deep beneath the glittering facade of the Vegas strip. Rumors suggest that a cryptic power struggle within the club’s hierarchy and unexplainable circumstances have frozen the club in time, leaving fans and players alike in a state of perpetual wonder. What enigmatic forces could have caused this once-thriving team to vanish from the spotlight? Only time will unveil the secrets behind the Blackjacks’ enigmatic disappearance.

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Intrigued by our enigmatic history, Are you left with questions swirling like mist on the field. What untold tales lie behind our long silence! How did we achieve legendary status, and what keeps the Blackjacks’ spirit alive, even in the shadows? You yearn to uncover the secrets that make our club a true riddle of the rugby world.

About the Las Vegas Blackjacks

Through the darkest storms, the Blackjacks found their strength, and in the fiercest battles, their indomitable spirit. It's in the struggle that these legends are born

The Las Vegas Blackjacks Rugby Football Club (Las Vegas Blackjacks RFC) is a rugby union team based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were members of the Southern California Rugby Football Union and competed in the Senior Men’s 1st (Red) Division of USA Rugby.[1]

The Blackjacks finished in fourth place at the USA Rugby Nationals – Division I Tournament and won their first SCRFU Regular Season title in 2008. The Blackjacks won the regular season again in 2009 and made it to the National Final where they lost to the Gentlemen of Aspen. Redemption was found in 2010 as the boys claimed the nations top prize with a win in the national final against Belmont Shore.

Some say, in the heart of the mystical Fremont Street Experience, if you don your rugby gear and twirl ten times, the spirits of the Blackjacks may grace you with their presence, for legends are woven into the very fabric of the city's soul.